Application Window

The HSD Versions Cleaner’s main window divides into distinct areas as shown and listed below.

Navigator View

The Navigator View shows the imported directories and files that are observed by the HSD Versions Cleaner.

Old Versions View

This view shows all old file version snapshots stored for a file that is selected within the  Navigator View . Furthermore it provides buttons to delete stored old file version snapshots manually.

Auto-Delete Options View

This view allows to control automatic deletion of old file version snapshots. 

Logging View

By default, the Logging View merely provides rudimentary information about importing root directories and the count of newly imported files. However, this view is also used to write out background information about what is going on within the app (for the sake of completeness: this is an opt-in feature and can be ignored by almost all users).

See  Logging View  to get information about what is written out to this view, how to copy or save the logging output, and how the contents of the  Logging View  can be cleared. 


The toolbar is quite minimalistic so far: 

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